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Aditi Mahajan


Greetings, seekers of well-being!
I am Dr. Aditi Joshi Mahajan, an Ayurvedic physician with a profound commitment to your holistic health journey. Allow me to extend a warm welcome into the realm of Ayurveda, where ancient wisdom meets modern science, and personalized care reigns supreme.


My Story

In the picturesque town of Ponda, nestled within the serene landscapes of Goa, my journey began, deeply intertwined with the time-honored wisdom of Ayurveda. Amidst the allure of mainstream medical pathways and the prospect of pursuing MBBS programs, my unwavering dedication to Ayurveda remained steadfast, fueled by a resolute desire to contribute meaningfully to my community while preserving our rich healing heritage which is almost 5000 years old. 

Throughout my academic pursuits, I consistently distinguished myself, garnering prestigious accolades and securing gold medals at every juncture. Rooted in a profound commitment to holistic well-being and the timeless principles of Ayurveda, my specialization led me to achieve an MD in Vyavahar Ayurved and Agad Tantra – Forensic Medicine and Toxicology, igniting my passion for herbal remedies and detoxification modalities.


Today, armed with extensive knowledge in Ayurvedic pharmacology and a profound insight into the body's inherent capacity for healing, my mission centers on purifying not just the physical body but also the soil and the collective consciousness. Leveraging the potency of herbal formulations and the transformative power of Panchakarma therapies, I extend a compassionate hand to individuals grappling with skin disorders and various ailments, striving to restore harmony and vitality to their lives.


Beyond my clinical endeavors, my fervor for education finds expression as a revered faculty member at the esteemed Gomantak Ayurved Mahavidyalaya and research center. Here, I have the privilege of nurturing the minds of aspiring healers, imparting the timeless wisdom of Ayurveda to the next generation. It is within this realm that my vision of Abhayam Ayurved, a sanctuary for holistic healing in Goa ayurveda, has blossomed into reality, radiating hope and inspiration throughout our community.

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